Arkansas Leadslingers

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We are on Summer Hours Now. That means we will be shooting at 9 am. Hope to see you there!  Mark your calendar now for our next performance at Lowell Mudtown Days on June 2nd.

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Next Shoot 4/22/18

We will be doing a Cowboy Clays side match after our normal 6 Stage Match.  Bring extra shotgun ammo, the club is providing the clay birds and thrower.  Any SASS legal shotgun can be used.

Last Shoot - 4/14/18

Arkansas Leadslingers Scores 4/14/18
Congrats to Greasy Creek Slim for a Top Score.  Click on the box to the left for complete scores

Saturday, April 14 Shoot started windy and finished the same. It was nice inside though. I will explain later.  We shot 5 main stages. After which we shot a fun side match at cards. It was called the top 15 club. We had several top 15 shooters. Then we shot a six stage just for fun. Greasy was top shooter, Alabama Bill was second. Two clean shooters Leroy Mackavoy and myself. After I finished a stage and was going back to my cart, I heard Prairie Ghost! Then laughter, I stepped inside to see Greasy Creek carrying a 5 ft. black snake outside. When the wind blew the door open he came in. Guess he thought 52 degrees was better than 38. We will do another shoot out at the East of the Rockies Steak Challenge May 26th and at Mudtown Days June 2th. Come participate, we will have blanks. Good luck to all going to Land Run.

Danny Barron
Alias: Dirty Dan Paladin

About Us

The Arkansas Lead Slingers is a SASS affiliated cowboy action shooting club. The Club was formed in 2002 by five guys interested in the sport who pooled their money to get the insurance to start. Three of these guys still live in the area and are still shooting with the club. Some might think we are a period reenactment group but we are an action shooting club with a love of the Old West and Old West movies. We shoot original or replicas of guns from about 1860 to 1900’s. We do dress the part and our focus is to have fun in a family environment. We have shooters from 8 to 70+ both male and female. SASS rules are generally followed. The theme of our range is Have Gun/Will Travel and our town is named Frisco City from the series. Visitors who wish to watch or participate are welcome. It is free to watch and even if you want to become a new cowboy shooter it has been said it is cheaper than a therapist!
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